【Global Fan Club information】 
Q.What is KODA GUMI?
Koda Kumi’s official Global Fan Club, open to fans from all over the world.
Some of the content from the official Japanese fan club page Koda Gumi, and from the playroom is translated into several languages for your enjoyment★
Q.What contents does KODA GUMI provide?
You will receive a special newsletter, and be able to explore members-only videos and photos.
You will also receive a digital members card, and access to member-only merchandise sales.
Greeting cards and newsletter, etc. will not be shipped.
Q. How much does it cost?
There is an annual fee of 2,000 yen. Also, at the time of enrollment there is an Handling fee of 500 yen.
Q. Can people from Japan join?
People of any nationality can join. However, membership is limited to those living outside of Japan. Thank you for your understanding.
Q.Is information provided in any languages other than English?
English and Japanese are available.
The translated version of the contents is using the “Google Translation API”. provided by Google Inc. , we, however, is not liable for errors (mistranslations, omissions, etc.) in the translations caused by the API.
Q.How long is the membership valid? When does the Fan Club membership expire?
The membership shall be effective from the date of registration (the day the membership is approved by the Company) and is valid until the last day of the same month the following year.
Admission dates and expiry dates stated are in Japan time.
After that, it is necessary to renew your membership every year.
After completing the renewal procedure, the membership expiration date is extended by one year.
Information regarding your membership expiration date can be found on “MY PAGE” displayed after logging in to the fan club site.
Example) Entry date: 15/08/2014 → Expiry date: 31/08/2015 (date/month/year)
Q.When will my membership expire?
Your membership expiration date is recorded on “MY PAGE” displayed after logging in to the fan club site.
Q. Is it possible to withdraw membership?
To withdraw from the fan club before the expiry date, please use the contact form and write “withdraw membership” at the top.
Furthermore, annual fees and other costs cannot be refunded. Thank you for your understanding.