We have a message from Kumi Koda to all fans!

The message below is what she talked during her final performance of 「Koda Kumi Hall Tour 2014 -Bon Voyage-」 in Taiwan on
August 16, 2014. It’s the message as she marks her 15th anniversary.
Time flies, and I will mark the 15th anniversary in December.
I made my debut as a singer when I was 18, and now I am 31 before I know it.
So this December, I will mark the 15th anniversary, means I have been able to do this for the past entire 14 years.
I am deeply grateful for all your support. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

So, this tour is based on the album 「Bon Voyage」. Today is the 51st performance of the entire 51 performances. We started this tour in March, and from March to
August, it’s been entire 5 months and today is the final day of the tour!!!

Today, I sang numbers not only from the album 「Bon Voyage」, but also a medley of all-time favorite of yours, like 「Ai no Uta」 and 「Koi no Tsubomi」, but the title, 「Bon Voyage」 means 「departure」.?

To tell you the truth, the album was supposed to be released 2 years ago, but it’s out now in 2014, after 2 years of planning, it just happened, you know, and with this 「miracle」, or, 「chance」 or 「necessity」, I was thinking about how I spend my 14th year before I mark the 15th anniversary... and I thought it’s important to 「prepare」 so I can start the day 1 of my 15th year with smile.
Let’s say you have a field trip tomorrow, but if you don’t prepare for it, you would screw up, right??

It’s just like that, you know, I thought I must put everything I need in the bag before I mark the 15th anniversary.
But at the same time, I think that we also need to let go things you don’t need.
I thought I have to have courage to let things go, and that way you start to feel affection for it or miss it. We are all human, and there are encounters and farewells. Some of you might be striving for your dream, and some of you might struggling and dealing with things in the society you belong to, or at work, or with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or in your family. It happens because we are all human, right??
So, when you have issues or problems, sometimes you need to be patient and just wait for the right time, but sometimes it’s also important that you need to have courage to address how you really feel, let things go or stop for a while.?
What I am trying to say is, I had three-month off after releasing 「JAPONESQUE」, but during that period, it was only for 3 months, but I couldn’t wait to see all of you, and I had a plenty of time to think about lots of things, I felt like making this kind of song; I wanted to give you a supportive push with that kind of song; I wanted to make a song with those lyrics; Would my fan be surprised if I have live performance in particular way ?, etc.?
I had those thoughts because I 「stopped」.
If I hadn’t taken that 3-month off, the album Bon Voyage could not have been born, I guess.

In the album 「Bon Voyage」, one of the songs has a line, 「choices you make in your life」, and I believe anyone can start over again.
New term starts in April at school or at work, but we can hit the reset button anytime you want.
But if it’s a game, someone can hit the reset button for you and you can go back to where it all started, but in reality, you must bring yourself back to the starting point even if someone else hit the button. I sang about courage, courage to reset yourself and courage to step forward. Through this album, I thought I could give you a supportive push.

For example, when I am having fun, the staff and fans are giving me so much support.

There are people out there who work so hard, that’s why I can keep going.
On the contrary, when someone is having fun, someone else might tolerate, overwork, or sacrifice themselves.
So, I am who I am and what I am thanks to my family. I can discuss and exchange opinions, sometimes even argue, with everyone around me, and I can have so much fun with you, but I can do such things because someone out there works so hard, maybe sometimes being so patient…if you know what I mean.

So… I might not say it out loud or sometimes I just joke about it, but, I should never forget and should tell everyone how thankful I am. It’s sometimes difficult to express my feeling to people who are especially close to me, but still….

Receiving appreciation makes any of us feel good or value, so in this tour, I sang, hoping everyone to see how important to be grateful and appreciate things around each of you.

As an artist, I can see you cry, laugh, smile, sweat all over and weaving hands to me, and seeing those, I feel, 「could I be any happier!!? 」.
As I mark my 15th anniversary, I hope I have expressed my gratitude for every moment to all of you and will keep doing it, and now I crossed an ocean, I am here in Taiwan and I am very happy.?

And I would like to express my deepest gratitude to be able to have concert like this.
I really wish I could stay longer here in Taiwan, but I can't, so, I really look forward to meeting you in concerts, and I want to present you this song, hoping you would never stop trying to make your dreams come true.

Please listen, "walk".