Many thanks to everyone who supports and cheers for Kumi Koda!
After many requests, we’re opening KODA GUMI, the Global Koda Kumi Fan Club!!

Do you want to know what goes on behind the scenes? Do you want to see the real Koda Kumi?
The official Koda Kumi global fan club will connect fans throughout the world with Kumi Koda.

In this special fan club you’ll have access to blogs and digital content from the Japanese fan club mobile site “playroom” as well as access to digital member cards and an electronic version of the popular newsletter!!!

There’s also heaps of official merchandise only available to fan club members!!

We made this fan club especially for Kumi Koda's international fans, and eager to seek suggestions and ideas from all of you.
Why not join KODA GUMI and have a lots of fun with Ku-Chan♪
Learn all about the real Ku-Chan as the staff sends you exclusive reports on her clothes and personal effects... and even messages from Ku-Chan herself!♪
message room
Get messages from Ku-Chan!
Tweets sent by Ku-Chan in spare moments during her work and private time often reveal a completely different side to her!?
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favorite room
We'll introduce Ku-Chan's taste in fashion, her favorite possessions and her recommendations♪♪
You can imitate Ku-Chan's style☆
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staff report
Reporting everything from Kumi's serious side during photo shoots, to incidents on days off - insights only staff on the scene can give!
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We have a great amount of special contents such as stand-by screens and PC wallpapers that can only be downloaded here as well as video messages from Ku-Chan!!
Moreover, not only can you get the latest information faster than anywhere else, but you also can buy goods that are only available to fan club members! And there are many other things for fan club members only that will make you HAPPY ♪