Much-talked-about Brand-New Song Dance In The Rain - Confirmed to be released as digital single!

Pre-Order starts today on iTunes Store in 110 countries on Wed., October 22, 2014!
Limited-time special discounted price is available in Japan!!

Also, special site is open now!!

The first digital single of Kumi Koda is an emotionally-sung “dance ballad”!

The world's first "360-degree Virtual Reality Music Video" using much-talked-about cutting-edge technology in the industry has become a hot conversation topic, and its "story" is now completed with "another" and "brand-new" music video to be released as a digital single!

As in the title "Dance In The Rain", Kumi Koda dances and sings in the rain, and you can fully enjoy her beauty of the body and physical performance lavishly. The video is a must-watch!

It was produced on a greater scale involving the cooperation of top creators from various industries, and it has become one of the best AUDIO/VISUAL productions!

CD + DVD package will be released as a limited edition for fan club members!
It's a gorgeous version including instrumental version of the song and behind-the-scene movie of the music video!
Digital Single "Dance In The Rain"
Pre-Order starts in 110 countries on Wed., October 22, 2014 on iTunes Store!
*Limited- time special price will be available only in Japan.


Limited-time special price!!
Special Price Period: 00:00, Wed. Oct 22, 2014 - 23:59, Tue. November 4, 2015 (JST)
Special Price : 200 JPY (Standard price: 250 JPY)

*After you pre-ordered, please make sure you make your purchase by 23:59, Mon. November 10. Otherwise you will need to pay full price.

Pre-sale starts on iTunes Store in 110 countries (including North America and Northern Europe) on Wed., October 22, 2014!

- Music
- Ring tone
- Music Video

and many more on the way!
Limited Edition for fan club members "Dance In The Rain"
Released on November 12th! [Luxury paper jacket version]
Product No.: RZC1-59695/B : 1,800 JPY (tax not included)

Dance In The Rain
Dance In The Rain -Instrumental- *Available on Fan Club Edition only

Dance In The Rain - Music Video Version-
Dance In The Rain  -Making Video - *Available on Fan Club Edition only

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