Fan Club Original Merchandise Information at a-nation stadium fes! A new item "Koda Kumi Artist Photo Set B" will be available from Osaka venue!

Fan Club Original Merchandise will be on sale at a-nation stadium fes. and this is only for Fan Club members!!
Don't miss this chance!!

★Fan Club Original Merchandise will be on sale at a-nation stadium!

[Artist Photo Set]
New Design Artist Photo Set which was very popular last year will be on sale at the venue!
Live stage and the behind the scene photos are not for sale, this is the chance to get rare photos!

・Koda Kumi Artist Photo Set A
5photos per set (EX TAPE MUSIC VIDEO ver.)
1,000 yen (Tax Included)
・Koda Kumi Artist Photo Set B [NEW ITEM from Osaka venue!]
5 photos per set (KODA KUMI ASIA LIVE 2015 ver.)
1,000 yen (Tax Included) (Randomly selected from 10 designs)

[Button] 500 yen each (Tax Included) (Randomly selected from 5 designs)
This is the Official Fan Club Buttons!!
They are original designed 75mm sized buttons using artist photos and the official logo!
You can enjoy decorating your room and put on your bag pack!! 

[Photo Album] 1,500 yen (Tax Included)
New designed photo album will be available for this year!
The original artist photo which is not included in Koda Kumi Artist Photo Set is enclosed in the Photo Album!
All merchandise items are the same from "a-nation island" except "Koda Kumi Artist Photo Set B".

[How to buy Fan Club Original Merchandise at a-nation island]
※Please show your Membership card, digital license or login your Fan Club Website to display a-nation digital license.

a-nation Digital License

*Connecting problems to the site may occur due to a congested network. Please save your Digital ID page on your mobile phone.
*The items are limited per day. The event will end when the stock has been out.

[Merchandise Sales and Location]
Location: Fan Club Booth
Merchandise Sales Dates and Time:
Osaka Yanmar Stadium Nagai: August 22nd and 23rd from 11:00 (Scheduled)
Tokyo Ajinomoto Stadium: August 29th and 30th from 11:00 (Scheduled)
*Please note that opening time is approximate and may be subject to change.

*Onsite registration, Renewal and Friends Promotion Campaigns for KODA KUMI OFFICIAL GLOBAL FANCLUB "KODA GUMI" will not be available at "a-nation".
[Important Notice]
*Your fan club membership card must be valid. Please show your card to the staff.
*If you don't have your fan club membership card, display a-nation digital license. You must show either your membership card or a-nation digital license to purchase goods. You cannot purchase items by showing "Log-in Page".
*You need to enter your ID number and password in order to display your digital membership ID. We will not provide your personal information to you at the venues, so please prepare your ID in advance.
*No battery chargers available at Fan Club Booth.
*You can purchase goods sold at venues. Discontinued items sold before are not available.
*You can purchase fan club original merchandise without concert tickets.