Kumi Koda releases cool third single "XXKK" representing the 20th anniversary year! MV will be released and SNS live will be distributed!

Ku-chan will release the third single of the 20th anniversary year, “XXKK”, on Friday, September 4th!

"XXKK" Jacket Photo

Different from "Lucky Star" which was released on Friday, August 28,this is a powerful dance number filled with her "strength" and "confidence" that has reigned as "QUEEN OF LIVE".

The title "XXKK" represents "20" of the 20th anniversary = "XX", and "Kumi Koda", initial "KK".
The lyrics also have realistic depictions that give you a glimpse of her determination and way of life as an artist.

The next day, September 5th (Saturday), from 22:00 JST, Ku-Chan will have live distribution on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. She will talk about her thoughts on the song and the tour "KODA KUMI 20th ANNIVERSARY TOUR 2020 MY NAME IS..." starting on Saturday, September 12. Please check this as well! 

In addition, this work is also included in the album "MY NAME IS..." that will be released on September 11, 2020 (Friday) and will be sold only to fan club members.
The album is a volume-packed item that contains all 21 songs, and the DVD covers the track from "secret ~ FIRST CLASS LIMITED LIVE ~" to "KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2019 re (LIVE)", recorded over 2 hours of live footage from the best selection.
Looking back on those days, the sub voice by Ku-chan herself is a must-see for fans!
I hope this song will give you a chance to live stronger.

◇Distribution information title:
XXKK (Read as: Double XK)
Distribution date: Friday, September 4
Distribution link: https://avex.lnk.to/kkxxkk

◇Release information
MY NAME IS... (fan club limited album)
Release date:
Friday, September 11th
Purchase link: Available only to fan club members (limited quantity)
<Kumi Koda Global Fan Club “KODA GUMI” OFFICIAL SHOP>
◇Live information
September 12th Osaka Castle Hall
Part 1 Opening 11:30 Start 13:00
Part 2 Opening 17:30 Start 19:00
October 4th Marine Messe Fukuoka
Part 1 Opening 11:30 Start 13:00
Part 2 Opening 17:30 Start 19:00

October 10, Nippon Gaishi Hall
Part 1 Opening 11:30 Start 13:00
Part 2 Opening 17:30 Start 19:00

December 5 & 6 Yoyogi Daiichi Gymnasium
*Details will be announced later

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