"Shukan Kumiko san" started!

message has arrived from Ku-chan to everyone at KODA GUMI!!
Everyone at KODA GUMI!Monthly Kumiko started in January, how was it?!
Monthly Kumiko is 1 month, so I will start weekly Kumiko because I am looking forward to it during that time!
I invite a mysterious guest (laughs) and talk about various things while derailing.
Please listen!

Published from Sunday, February 7th
【Shukan Kumiko san part.1】>> https://global-fc.net/kodagumi/index.php?cID=26060

Published from Saturday, February 13
【Shukan Kumiko san part.2】>> https://global-fc.net/kodagumi/index.php?cID=26061

Published from Saturday, February 20* Scheduled
【Shukan Kumiko san part.3】>> Please wait until the release starts

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