The trailer of the latest live video product on March 10th (Wed) and a part of the documentary video will be released in advance!

A live video product  "KODA KUMI 20th ANNIVERSARY TOUR 2020 MY NAME IS ...", the 20th anniversary year commemorative live since the debut, and which was held at Yoyogi Daiichi Gymnasium in Tokyo on December 6, 2020, will be released on 2021/3/10(Wed)! 
While the live performances of various artists were canceled due to Corona disaster in 2020, Ku-chan completed the the first arena tour in Japan, during Corona disaster, with the idea of "keeping the fire of the entertainment industry".
We will deliver a trailer video that released a part of the main part and documentary video of the live video product that depicts the feelings, anxiety and conflicts for the tour, and the belief in the live performance! 
■ Kumi Koda -KODA KUMI- "KODA KUMI 20th ANNIVERSARY TOUR 2020 MY NAME IS ..." (Teaser Trailer)
URL: https://youtu.be/5y_ywydqOmk
 Please watch this trailer video and enhance the enjoyment of live video products! 
Also, as the benefit for those who purchased the fan club limited edition at KODA GUMI Global, playroom,and KODA GUMI Japan, 
 [Online screening with Kumi Koda] will be available on Saturday, March 6, 2021 at 14:00 (JST, scheduled), prior to the release of "KODA KUMI 20th ANNIVERSARY TOUR 2020 MY NAME IS ...". You can watch the live main video with Ku-chan!
■ [Online screening with Kumi Koda] 
Schedule: March 6th, 2021(Sat), 14: 00- (JST, planned)
Ku-chan herself will participate in this event!
Let's enjoy the online screening with Ku-chan before the DVD / Blu-ray is released! 
*Online screening with Kumi Koda is available to those who purchase the products via KODA GUMI(JAPAN) / KODA GUMI(Global) / playroom official shop by 23:59 on February 28, 2021 (Sun).
* It may be sold out even during the selling period.
Please see here for details and how to purchase each product!