Artist: Koda Kumi

Date of Birth : November 13, 1982

Hometown: Kyoto

The National debut in November 2000 at the "TAKE BACK".It records the 18 highest in the United States Billboard dance chart.The same song had debuted in December 2000.Remix board second single followed in "Trust Your Love" won the 19 highest in the United States Billboard chart overall. She is the 7th Japanese who won this title ever.Both albums released in 2005 and 2006 exceeded 2 million copies in sales.In December 2007, a solo concert was held in Tokyo dome and was a huge success."MOON", a maxi single which was released in June 2006, had 4 songs, one of which is "That Ain't Cool "PUSHIM", a collaboration between Black Eye Peas and Fergy, as well as works from other foreign big artists.She performed collaboration song "it's all Love!"with her sister Misono , and this song won first place first appearance which is the first ever brother-sister on March 2009.She hold nationwide tour "Koda Kumi Live Tour 2009-TRICK-" at Tokyo Yoyogi National Stadium first gymnasium same May with surprise guests Black Eyed Peas, led by Popular United States singer Fergie.They performed the collaboration song "That Ain't Cool" released in 2008 , and this performance of one night stands make the audience wildly excited.In the same July, on the cover of "ViVi", a fashion magazine which represented Japan, and continuing into 2008, a discussion was realised regarding the collaboration with the foreign big artist, Lady Gaga.In the same October, for the first time overseas, she held a one-man live in Taiwan.From 2006 to 2009, she consecutively won the Best-Jeans award, in 2008, she earned her title in a hall of fame for winning the Nail Queen-Artist Category Award 3 years consecutively.The album which released on Febuary 2010; "BEST~third universe~ & 8th AL "UNIVERSE" won the first prize of Oricon Weekly Ranking.In July, she fulfilled the 2DAYS live at Yokohama Studium, for the first time for Japanese female artists. It is lively broadcasted with 3D for the first time as Japanese music lives.October 2010, she released her first cover album; "ETERNITY~Love & Songs~".In each of Tokyo and Osaka, she had first billboard live for fourdays and 16 performances. December in the same year, she had the last live of the 10 th anniversary; " KODA KUMI 10th Anniversary ~FANTASIA~". She was the seventh one among Japanese solo female artists. Since year 2007, she held the second performance and sold tickets for 47000 people instantly. She achieved a great success.In March 2011, she released the 9th original album; "Dejavu". She got the first prize in Oricon weekly ranking. In April in the same year, she held the hall tour through out the country; "KUMI KODA Live Tour 2011~Dejavu~". In each area, they are sold out at every door.In May in the same year, she released the live video at the Tokyo Dome for the 10th anniversary; "KUMI KODA 10th Anniversary ~FANTASIA~.She won the Oricon Weekly Ranking's first prize and fulfilled 3 bests for "total number of the top prize", " continuous number of the top prize" and "top total sales per a work of art among all DVD female solo artists".In January 2012, she released 10th original album; "JAPONESQUE". It won the first prize of Oricon Weekly Ranking. She won the 3rd place for "The continuous year of the top sales of albums" among all solo artists amazingly. Moreover, she will release her 53th new single "Go to the top" on October 24th.Be appointed as the opening theme song of the TV anime "Total Eclipse".Moreover, on 7th November, held the Premium live named "Koda Kumi Premium Night~Love & Songs~" starting at Osaka Hall to Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukushima.On December 2012, released "恋しくて"- the best love ballad song which to be continued of the song "愛のうた" which released in 2007.On Ferbuary 2013, released the second cover album "Color The Cover"The first product version includes photo booklet which is taken by Mr. Mika Abukawa who is one of the famous photographer in Japan, and her first documentary video in a DVD.In July 2013, she released her 55th summer single "summer Trip" which is about 2 years from the last one. In September in the same year, she held a mini live which is limited for the people who had bought it at the Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall.On November 13th, which is the day of her 31st birthday; she released the theme song of World Grand Champions Cup 2013; "Dreaming Now!"In addition, the latest live image of "KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2013 ---JAPONESQUE--"released in December 4 of the same year appeared DVD weekly ranking as of December 16 (data collection period: December 2 to 8 ), and won the first place in both the number of top winning on career music DVD section (solo artist section) and the number of years on continuous top winning (an object for all artist).In February 26 of 2014, the 11th original album,"Bon Voyage", was released. Its album first appeared in Oricon chart andit ranked with the first place .She is now on tour "KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2014 - Bon Voyage - " to promote her new album. The performance on 16.08.2014 in Taiwan will be the final stage.
And she is going to release a new single "HOTEL" on 06.08.2014.

In 2015, as the 15th anniversary year of her debut, two titles of anniversary live:
"Koda Kumi 15th Anniversary Live Tour 2015~WALK OF MY LIFE- " and
"KODA KUMI 15th Anniversary LIVE The Artist",
her first collection pair album "SUMMER of LOVE" and "WINTER of LOVE" have been released.

Furthermore in 2016, as a restart of her 16th year artist activity, she has completed 59 performances of the best singles collection tour in 47 prefectures.

Whilst actively working on collaborations with artists in and out of the country in addition to her own, a variety of activities as a fashion icon has been performed besides photo collection, photo essays, and artist activities. So far she has released 59 singles, 12 original albums, 4 best albums, 2 cover albums, 2 collection albums, and 20 live DVDs.

As a part of her activities in 2017, she has released a new album called "W FACE ~inside~" and "W FACE ~outside~" by focusing on "two faces" as a concept.
On Wednesday April 5, the release of "Driving Hits 7" the mega hit series which has marked the total 300,000 sales.

Furthermore, from Saturday April 8, "KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2017 ~W FACE~" will start, which is the 47 prefectural tour with the most performances in 2 years in a row.

On February 26, 2014, her 11th original album "Bon Voyage" was released. The album was No. 1 in Oricon after she debuted. Koda Kumi held a 51-show tour in two countries with the album, "KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2014 ~Bon Voyage~", and the final show was held in Taiwan on August 16.
On August 6, 2014, she released her latest summer single, "HOTEL."
In November, she released her first digital single, "Dance In The Rain".She released the world's first music video using Oculus Rift, which drew a lot of attention.
In 2015, as the 15th anniversary year of her debut,Koda Kumi 15th Anniversary Live Tour 2015~WALK OF MY LIFE~" andTwo commemorative live performances, "KODA KUMI 15th Anniversary LIVE The Artist".
Her first two collection albums "SUMMER of LOVE" and "WINTER of LOV,E" were released.

In addition, 2016 marked her restart after 16 years of singing as an artist.She performed 59 shows in 47 prefectures on her first ever Best Single Collection Tour.

While actively collaborating with artists in Japan and abroad, she is also involved various activities as a fashion icon, including photo books and photo essays.
To date, she has released 59 singles, 12 original albums, 4 best albums, 2 cover albums, 2 collection albums, and 20 live DVDs. 
Koda Kumi's activities in 2017 include;Released new albums "W FACE ~inside~" and "W FACE ~outside~" with the concept of "duality" on March 8 (Wed.).
On April 5 (Wed.), the mega-hit series, "Driving Hit's 7" which was sold more than 300,000 copies in total was decided to be released. 
She held the "KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2017 ~W FACE~", a tour of 47 prefectures with the most performances for two consecutive years.

In February 2018, she released her original album "AND" and held a fan club members-only live house tour "Koda Kumi Fanclub Tour -AND-".
In June, she released her original album "DNA" and held "KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2018 ~DNA~" and her first countdown live at Osaka Grand Cube.

In 2019, Koda Kumi held a reprint live ("KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2019 re(LIVE)") of "Black Cherry" held in 2007 and "JAPONESQUE" held in 2013, and evolved it into 2019 versions.She took on a new challenge of holding a stay-type LIVE and two different performances per day.

Koda Kumi's first arena tour in five years, "KODA KUMI 20th ANNIVERSARY TOUR 2020 MY NAME IS..." was held following the guidelines of covid-19 countermeasures, even though it was not held annually in 2020 due to Covid-19.
"HEMMY K.", a skincare brand entirely produced by Koda Kumi was established.

From June 2021, she will be holding her first talk show, "KODA KUMI 20th ANNIVERSARY ~Special Talk Show~".
In June 2021, KILLER BURNER, a diet supplement will go on sale.