Dreaming Now!

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    The new single released on Kumi Koda's birthday November 13, "Dreaming Now!" is chosen to be the theme song for "WORLD GRAND CHAMPIONS CUP VOLLEYBALL 2013" being held from November 12, 2013! It is a cheer song written for the all people who will give a challenge to the world!! In addition to CD+DVD and CD that are commercially available, there are CD+DVD and CD of fan club limited with original goods. In all, four types are released. Acceleration of KUMI KODA won't stop in this autumn!! ~Comments about "Dreaming Now!" ~ -Comments from KUMI KODA I am really happy that I can sing the theme song of "Grand Champion Volleyball" this time. I played volleyball when I was an elementary student. This is why volleyball is one of my favorite sports. I went to see the actual game before making the theme song. This was my first time to see the live game of All-Japan. I thought it was very cool when I experienced to feel a major force of gathering the cheering of each player, yells from the audience, and the play of each player. After the game, I met and talked a little with the coach and Ms Kimura. I got very nervous. There was very intense atmosphere during the game. But when I talked with them directly, they were very friendly with nice smiles. I had an impression that they concentrate on playing the game by switching on and off properly. I asked Ms Kimura what kind of song does she want for the theme song. She said, "I want a song with quick tempo that will raise our spirits toward the game!" So I chose the misic carefully to make a song that will raise the feeling of playes. And I made this theme song, "Dreaming Now!" I put my hope of cheering all members of All-Japan team in it, so I think it will unify all volleyball fans and players. When I was making this song, I imaged the scene that all of you watching the game are cheering by waving hands in the game venue and in front of TV. So I'll be happy if you can liven up the game more when you listen to this song. Everyone of All-Japan, please do your best and become the world champion! -According to Mr. Koichi Nishikawa of the total producer of Grand Champion, "When I listened to this song for the first time, I thought 'This is a hot song.' ". Its up tempo misic instantly makes me in high spirits. While I was drawn into the song, I was struck by the lyrics "I stand up many times, the story to catch the unseen world". In fact, I asked Ms. Koda to watch the actual game of All Japan Women's team. There, she saw the players challenging the giants of the world. I thought the figures of All-Japan players are included in these lyrics. I am especially happy to know that it is not intrusive. As a whole, it is an up-tempo song that will raise spirits of young and old, men and women, which I had originally envisioned. I'm sure this song will make you feel like humming unintentionally. I hope all of you will listen to this song and cheer up All-Japan team in the game venue and in front of TV." In addition, there are messages from Manabe director and Kimura Saori of All-Japan women's team, whom Ms. Koda actually met before making this song! -According to Masayoshi Manabe, the coach of All-Japan women's volleyball team, "Thank you very much, Ms. Koda". You made a relly wonderful song, and I'm sure it will move all the members and staffs. Most players are listening to this song on the bus. After listening to "Dreaming Now!" they will play a game. If they are good at the starting, it means that this song works efficiently! I hope this song will make them concentrated on the game and make advance from the first point of the first set. We'll do our best in Grand Champion Games!" - According to Saori Kimura, a member of All-Japan women's volleyball team, "I am a big fan of Kumi Koda for a long time, and I'm very happy to know that she will make the cheer song of Grand Champion!! This song is really wonderful and makes me easy to get into, so I'm looking forward to listening to it in the game venue. I hope this song will make us in high spirits, join together and do our best in the game!!Also, I'll be happy if all of you listen to this song and fight in the Grand Champion with the players! I hope this great cheer song will echoe with volleyball throughout Japan... Thank you very much!!" Check from here for songs included and fan club benefits!

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