【Contact Fan Club】 
Q.I would like to know how I can contact Fan Club.
You can contact us via email, please find “Contact form” on our Fan club website.
You can contact us by phone if you are residence in Japan.
■Contact us by phone
Business Hours: 0570-666-348 from Monday to Friday 12:00 - 17:00.
Please note in advance that waiting time may be occurred when the line is busy.
*Telephone operator services may be closed due to system maintenance.

■Contact us via email by “Contact form”
It is available 24/7, we will reply back to your inquires within a few business days except weekends.
Please note that we cannot response to your inquires in languages except Japanese and English.
※Operators in person may be changed to an automatic operations without notice in advance even during business ours due to system maintenance or unexpected events.

【Important notice】
※Please fill out all the following required information when you send your request form; Members ID number(Not required if you are non-member), Name, Birth date and your inquires. Please select types of your inquires on Contact form. We may not response to your inquires if you do not fill out all the information required.
※Interfering phone calls to Fan club is punishable by law.
※Please note in advance that we do not response to your questions regarding to personal questions to artists.

Please read "Common questions and answers" before you send your email. Select subject from options and send the email to us with detailed information regarding to your questions. You may receive the email “Your requests have been received” within 24 hours. Please contact us again if you do not receive the email from Fan club, check your email and incorrect address may be typed.

Go to “How to access the website” on Fan club main page regarding to a question “I forgot my ID and password”.