【Membership withdrawal】 
Q.I would like to withdraw from the Fan Club.
Renewal membership notification will be on the official website 2 months prior to the date of expire of your membership and sent to your registered email address.

Please note in advance your membership will expire at the end of its term and lose access to all contents if you do not renew your membership by due date.

Please withdraw your membership from here if you do not wish to receive Renewal membership notification emails or a payment slip. However, you can still renew your membership through Fan Club website until the expiration date.

If you wish to withdraw from Fan Club even before the renewal term, please inform us the following information.

[Subject] Other inquiries
*State "I wish to withdrew from Fan Club"
*Reasons for Withdrawal (If you don't mind my asking)
*Postal code, home address, birth date and phone number you registered at Fan Club.

Please note in advance that annual fee and other fees are non-refundable.