Update regarding the end of the observation period for ayumi hamasaki, support members, and associated staff.
Thank you very much for your continual support for ayumi hamasaki.

As we reported at the end of last year, novel coronavirus infections were discovered among ayumi hamasaki's support members and associated staff.
Additionally, the health care center did determine that ayumi hamasaki herself was in close proximity to an infected individual.
Therefore, the staff and support member that had the infection were instructed to receive medical care at home as per guidance by the health care center, medical professionals, etc. ayumi hamasaki as well as those that took a PCR test and received a negative result but nonetheless were deemed to have had close contact were instructed by the health care center to self quarantine at home.

The PCR testing that was conducted after the follow-up check period set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare resulted in negatives for the associated staff and support member that were originally infected with the novel coronavirus and had been receiving medical treatments. After following instructions to self quarantine by the health center due to close contact, ayumi hamasaki and related staff were confirmed to have no changes in health. Following that, starting today ayumi hamasaki will be getting back to her professional life as an artist, and the support members and related staff will resume their duties as well.

We would like to yet again extend our most sincere apologies to all of you who showed your support, as well all the staff involved that put in their best efforts. We are truly sorry for causing concern.
Irregardless of this situation, we are truly grateful for all of the encouraging words of support that came in for ayumi hamasaki, as well as the support members and staff.
We will continue to be vigilant with our infection prevention measures, and put in every effort to ensure that artistic endeavors can be carried out while maintaining both health and safety.

We thank you in advance for your continued support for ayumi hamasaki as we move into the current year.

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