[Important] For customers who are changing to new rate plans for three mobile carriers
*This guide is for members who reside in Japan.

Thank you for using TeamAyu.

This is an important guide for customers who are changing to the new rate plans of three mobile carriers.

If you change your plan to the new rate plans "ahamo", "povo", and "LINEMO", you will not be able to use your carrier email address.

For those who are changing to the above new rate plan and who have registered a carrier email to the email address registered in the fan club,Please be sure to change your registered address from My Page.

Please be sure to check before changing the plan, as you will not receive the e-mail newsletter and important information from the fan club.

[Target carrier email address]
・ NTT docomo:「@docomo.ne.jp」
・ au:「@au.com」「@ezweb.ne.jp」
・ SoftBank:「@i.softbank.jp」「@softbank.ne.jp」「@vodafone.ne.jp」

We look forward to your continued support of TeamAyu.