"ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2020-2021 A ~MUSIC for LIFE~" Refund Procedure

We have decided to cancel plans to hold the "ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2020-2021 A ~MUSIC for LIFE~" concert with an audience on December 31 (Thu) to prioritize the safety of fans, related parties, and staff amid the recent outbreak of COVID-19 domestically and internationally, and will instead live-stream the concert without an audience.

Thus, we will refund the tickets.
Please check the refund procedure detailed below and take the necessary steps within the time period specified.


■Refund Procedure■
☆Please check the items below and complete the procedure yourself.
☆Please note that we will not accept applications after the period.

<Refund Methods>
■ Customers Applied Through "TeamAyu", "Official LINE", and "Lawson Ticket"
Please check the refund method and the refund application acceptance period below and complete the procedure.
After the refund period, you will not be able to complete the refund procedure. We appreciate your understanding.

【Refund Application Acceptance Period: Friday, 2020/12/25, 12:00 - Sunday, 2021/1/24, 23:59】
【Refund Access Website】https://l-tike.com/st1/ayu20-haraimodoshi

A refund procedure is available at:【Refund Access Website】https://l-tike.com/st1/ayu20-haraimodoshi Please go to【"My Page" (Note 1) within the website where you made a purchase】and complete the refund procedure, using WCASHPOST (Note 2). We will give you a refund.
Please note that refunds from sites other than the place of purchase and refunds outside the refund acceptance period are not possible.
※ Note 1: You need to log in to check "My Page" for the fan club's primary/secondary advance or on each website where you made a purchase. The information required to log in is the "email address", "phone number", and "password" that were registered at the time of application. Please be aware.
※ Note 2: CASHPOST is a service provided by econtext, a fund transfer company under the jurisdiction of the Financial Services Agency (Registration Number: Kanto Finance Bureau Director No. 00030).

● Procedures
※ The purchase status (history) can be checked and the refund procedure can be completed only at the website where you made a purchase.

[Step 1] Go to the website where you made a purchase and log in to "My Page" on the website

[Step 2] Click 【Refund Procedures】in the "Refund Information" section at the bottom of My Page

[Step 3] Confirm the ticket price and other information in the "Refund Status" section, enter your email address in the "Refund Procedure Email Address" field, and click【Next】

[Step 4] After checking the information in the "Confirmation of Application Details" section and agreeing with the information provided, click 【Apply for Refund】. Registration on the L-Tike website is now complete

[Step 5] You will receive an email from L-Tike with "Details of Receipt" and "How to Receive Package" to the email address you registered in [Step 3]. After checking the contents, access the URL listed. A CASHPOST procedure will now begin.

[Step 6] Enter "Reception Number" in the email you received in [Step 5] and enter the figures for "Image Authentication", and then click【Next】

[Step 7] After confirming "Details of Receipt", select "Bank Transfer to Designated Account" in the "Select Receiving Method" section

[Step 8] Enter your 【Reservation Number】and【Phone Number】at the time of your application as "Authentication Key", confirm and agree with the handling of personal information, and click 【Select Financial Institution】

[Step 9] Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the procedure

※ Please make sure to carefully check the operation and registration details during the procedure. Please note that we will not be able to respond to any inaccuracies made by the customers during the procedure.
※ Please complete the refund procedure within three days after completing the registration on the L-Tike website in [Step 4]. Please keep in mind that if you do not complete the procedure within three days, the refund will not be available.
※ Please make sure that you can receive emails from the two domains below in advance. If you do not receive the email, please check the settings yourself within the period.
≪Domain for Receivng Email≫ l-tike.com / ent.lawson.co.jp

<Inquiry: Lawson Ticket Information https://l-tike.com/contact/>
※ We are currently experiencing a high volume of email inquiries, so please understand that it may take some time for us to confirm and respond to your inquiry.
※ Please note that it may take longer than usual for us to reply to your inquiry during the year-end and new year season.