"ayumi hamasaki LIMITED TA Special Xmas LIVE 2020 @Maihama Amphitheater" Refund Procedure
We have decided to cancel plans to hold the "ayumi hamasaki LIMITED TA Special Xmas LIVE 2020 @Maihama Amphitheater" concert with an audience on December 24 (Thu) to prioritize the safety of fans, related parties, and staff amid the recent outbreak of COVID-19 domestically and internationally, and will instead live-stream the concert without an audience.

Thus, we will refund the tickets.
Please check the refund procedure detailed below and take the necessary steps within the time period specified.

■Refund Procedure■
Please take the following steps to redeem your refund.
*Please read all the procedures including the precautions until the end to ensure that the refund process goes smoothly.
*You can check your ticket purchase status from the Application Status Confirmation page.
The URL of the Application Status Confirmation page can be found in the application confirmation email and ticket won notification email sent to you.

If you bought multiple tickets, you will be refunded for all the tickets in one transaction.
Ticket redemption or display via AnyPASS will not be required for the refund.
All tickets bought on AnyPASS will be refunded.

Please input your bank account details to receive the refund.

[Bank Account Details Input Period: December 25, 2020 (Fri)12:00-January 24, 2021 (Sun) 23:59]

Please "Input Bank Account Details" from the Application Status Confirmation Page during this period without fail.

[Important Notice]
*If you made multiple ticket applications, you will need to input bank account details for each application to receive the refund.
*When keying in your bank account details, please check the "Branch Name", "Account Holder Name", and "Bank Account Number" on your bankbook and ensure that it is accurate.
*Please keep a record of the bank account details that you input.
*The "Input Bank Account Details" button will only be displayed at the start of the bank account input period.
Please understand that the button will not be displayed outside of this period.

The refund will be sent to the bank account that you input.

[Refund Start: February 12, 2021 (Fri)-]

We will start transferring the refund to your bank accounts on this date.
Please check if you have received the refund on your bank statement or using other methods.

[Important Notice]
*Depending on your bank, it may take some time before you receive the fund transfer.
*If the bank account details are wrong, the refund will not go through.
In that case, you will be required to input your bank account details again and it will take around 1 more month to transfer the fund to you.
Please note that we will deduct a processing fee of 550 Yen/case if this happens.

For details, please check the email sent from the "Ticketing Office" at the start of the Bank Account Details Input Period.

<Contact us: Ticketing Office Refund Support https://info2.y-tickets.jp/inquiry_refund/input>