Commercial "Clash of Queen" where she herself appears is going to start O.A from September 17th. It was decided that commercial song "We are the Queens" is going to be released only by digital single from September 30th.
It was decided that AYUMI HAMASAKI is going to appear in the new commercial of smart phone game "Clash of Queens" and her new song "We are the Queens" is a TV commercial song.

As for commercial, 2 versions of "Race Queen" and "Queen's Song" are going to be on the air from September 17th Saturday,

In advance of that, CM movie is release on 「CLASH OF QUEENS」 official YouTube channel.

About the 「QUEEN’S SONG」ver, AYUMI HAMASAKI disguises as queen, and wear crown and cloak. Also she holds 130cm sward which just looks like she jumped out of the battle scene in the game. And in 「RACE QUEEN」ver., she wears open-neck 'race queen' clothes and shows sexy appearance.

Further, the new song [We are the QUEENS] is applied as a commercial tie-up song.
The new song [We are the QUEENS], written for this commercial , is a glorious message song for everyone who fights.
On the first day of TA tour, September/30 (Friday), it has been decided urgently to release for iTunes or other delivery sites as a digital single!!

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