Soundproof ear muffs for children will be available at the venue of ASIA TOUR Aichi concert & countdown live

We will be lending soundproof ear muffs for children to TeamAyu members with children at the "ayumi hamasaki ASIA TOUR 2021-2022 A(ロゴ) ~23rd Monster~" to be held in Aichi this weekend and at the year-end countdown live!
With more and more families coming to live concerts these days, the loud volume at live venues can be a harsh environment for small children's ears.

We want families to continue to support ayu hamasaki for generations to come, so we have decided to lend soundproof ear muffs for children to make the environment a little better.
TeamAyu members who wish to borrow earmuffs are asked to come to the Fan Club booth and pick up the earmuffs after completing the necessary procedures.

・We will ask for your TeamAyu digital membership card before lending out the ear muffs. If you do not have a digital membership card, you will not be able to borrow an earmuff. If the representative is a TeamAyu member, the child does not need to be a TeamAyu member.
・Please return the earmuffs to the Fan Club booth by the end of the day after use.
・The number of earmuffs is limited. Please note that we will stop accepting earmuffs as soon as we run out.
・The soundproofing performance is as follows: SNR value: 30dB NRR value: 25dB (Please note that this does not guarantee complete soundproofing).
・After returning each item, we will disinfect it before lending it out at the next venue.
・Please note that the rental is only for elementary school students and younger.
・The loan is available to customers of elementary school age and younger.
・If you are concerned about soundproofing, size, or hygiene, we recommend that you prepare your own ear muffs.
・The lending of earmuffs after the countdown live concert has not yet been decided.

See you all at the live concert!