The first ayumi hamasaki『ARENA TOUR 2018 ~POWER of MUSIC 20th A(ロゴ)nniversary~』 goods are now available to the public!
Sorry for the long wait!
Today we will finally introduce the anniversary tour that will start on April 7, 2018 that will commemorate ayu's 20th year and some of the goods of the anniversary tour that is also called "ayumi hamasaki: ARENA TOUR 2018 ~POWER of MUSIC 20th A(ロゴ)nniversary~"♪
For the new tour goods, we were able to make them with cute designs using leopard prints and pink as motifs that will make you think of ayu.

Other than those we have a gorgeous lineup of a lot of goods as befitting a 20th anniversary such as various collaborations with SMILEY and DEFEND PARIS and others (watch out for them) and venue-only exclusive goods and displays for pop-up stores!

Please standby for our 2nd announcement for further details☆

Visit this page for more details.