Participate in the Special Lottery for your chance to get a Splendid prize!

Participation in the Special Lottery is limited to the day of the show!
If you win, bring the screen notifying you of your win to the TA booth, which are located in each respective venue♪

[Lottery Participation Times]
From booth open times, till the beginning of each respective show.
This content is only available for Yaeryu members.
[Prize Collection Times]
Each respective venue’s pre-sale time, till 20 minutes after the end of the show.
*Even if you win, you cannot collect your prize outside of the times written above.
The service is no longer available.
[Notices regarding the Special Lottery]
*Each member number can only participate once per show day.
*Only the individual who won can collect the prize.
*Individuals who won on the ‘Special Lottery’ can collect their prize from the fan club booths located at each respective venue.
Even if you win, if you do not come to the venue you cannot collect the prize. Even if you inquire, we will not post the prize.
*Individuals without a ticket are also able to participate.
*It is one prize per win.
*You can reload the results screen by pressing the Result button. Please be aware that screenshots are not accepted.
*Those who become members on the day at the venue, can participate immediately after their membership number is issued.