What's 目安箱(suggestion box)?
“目安箱(suggestion box) is a box or an institution which was settled to gather suggestions from general public in order to correct useful opinions to administration and to understand social circumstances.”
Reference: Wikipedia “目安箱” page

The one Tokugawa Yoshimune set up in 1721(Kyoho 6) during edo period is especially famous since Koishikawa Yojyosho as a charitable hospital for poor people was established, Machibikeshi(firefighting unit and system) was institutionalized and new rice fields were developed in response to its suggestions.
As you know, almost 3 years have passed since Yaeryu was established. To keep developing and make Yaeryu members satisfy more, we would like to listen to your opinions and suggestions toward Yaeyu. Please give us your voice!
Note that complaints and punishments are welcomed, too. You will never get a handicap like it becomes difficult to get tickets or present even if your opinion is negative. We look forward to listening to your honest ideas!

If you answer all questions, you will receive a email with URL to download a original wallpaper at a later date.
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