■New member registration, the payment for renewal 
Q.Can I change the payment methods after I have already chosen?
■New Member Registration
Please note in advance you are unable to change the payment method once you selected.
You need to create a new account from beginning to change the payment methods.

■Registration Renewal
You can change payment methods if you renew your membership before the expiration date.
You can change to your preferable payment methods such as credit card payment, please find more details on a renewal page.
Q.I forgot the payment methods I chose.
Your membership expiration date is recorded on “MY PAGE” displayed after logging in to the fan club site.

 Q.I settled the payment incorrectly.
Fan Club may contact you by phone or an email to confirm the information.If you notice the difference in balance, please inform us by phone or a contact email.Please check "Contact to Fan Club" page for further details.Over-payment:The total amount of your over payment will be refunded after the deduction of non-refundable admission fee.Please note you need to provide the following information (Bank name, Branch, Account number, Account name, Payment date, Amount paid and How you paid(by credit card or in cash)Under-payment: Please pay the negative amount in a way we indicate by due date.
※Amount paid cannot be refunded if you are not a resident in Japan.
Q.I registered twice by mistake, can you cancel one of my registration?
Please note in advance that the money is not refundable due to personal preference.After you have successfully filled out the form, you should submit the form by clicking the send button once.Please wait patiently after you have submitted your application until the information is successfully transmitted.Duplicate billing may be occurred if you click submit button several times, go back to a previous page or try to reload again before the system is completed. You will receive the confirmation email when your registration has gone through successfully.