March 14 (Saturday) YASUNO FAMILY. Live delivery is decided!
March 14 (Saturday) YASUNO FAMILY. Live delivery is decided!

The very popular live distribution is back!
Let's enjoy cherry blossom viewing with the patriarch ♪

Program name: "YASUNO FAMILY. Quality Family Time: While Cherry-Blossom Viewing and Drinking Sake〜It's White Day *Time for everyone to get together〜"
Date: Saturday, March 14th, 2020
It will start at 8:00 p.m.
We will perform it on the YouTube channel of Avex Pictures.
When it starts on that day, we will use Kiyono Yasuno's official Twitter account, "@Yaskiyo_manager," to tell you the URL for the live stream.

There will also be a huge announcement at the end of the live broadcast! ?
We will be asking for the following from everyone in the family during the live stream!

●Blossom viewing plan! Please let the leader know your recommendations for alcohol and food.
Please tell us what kinds of alcohol and accompanying dishes you want to recommend to the leader!
The things you recommend might be consumed during the live broadcast ♪
Please also attach the following in your message:【Membership number】【Nickname】【Recommended alcohol / food】【one word】【Picture (not required)】
I'm looking forward to your recommendations!

●Wanted: Topics for the Fu-wa Talk♪ corner!
New corner may be decided during live distribution!?
The YASUNO FAMILY is seeking topics for fan club content for this corner,from all of you!
We await your ideas, for example, the kinds of things you've wanted to ask, the kinds of things you want us to do, etc.

You can ask the leader a question, or you can comment on the YASUNO FAMILY.

Anything else you want to convey to the head of the family or ask her is okay.

Please make sure to include your
【Membership number】
when you submit your message.


Thoughts on submissions will be presented on the live stream or via the YASUNO FAMILY.  on the YASUNO FAMILY. website.
*If you do not want it to be put on display, please mention that during your submission.
*We cannot answer whether or not any letters we receive will be shown on the live stream or posted onto the website.
Thank you for your understanding.

Let's enjoy cherry blossom viewing with the patriarch ♪