Kiyono Yasuno's 3rd single “Felicita/echoes” will be released on March 3, 2021!!
Kiyono Yasuno has decided to release the long-awaited 3rd single "Felicita/echoes" on March 3rd!
This work is a super-powerful board that includes the opening and ending theme of the completely new animation "ARIA The CREPUSCOLO" scheduled to be screened in theaters in the spring of 2021!
Yasuno will also appear in the work as a new character, Aletta.

This single is a jacket drawn by Yoko Ito, the character designer of "ARIA". And Kiyono Yasuno's newly taken photo Released in two forms.
In addition, the acoustic version of the song that has already been released is recorded in the third song of each coupling.

And what! YASUNO FAMILY. First time!
We have also decided to sell products with original benefits limited to YASUNO FAMILY.SHOP!
Details and sales start date will be announced at a later date!
Please look forward to it♪

<ARIA board>           <KIYONO board>

© 2020 Kozue Amano / Mag Garden ARIA Company

[Product information]
"ARIA The CREPUSCOLO" Opening Theme & Ending Theme

Kiyono Yasuno 3rd single
Released on March 3, 2021

VTCL-35325 ¥ 1,400+tax
1. Felicita Lyrics: Yuki Matsuura / Composition / Arrangement: Mina Kubota
2.echoes Lyrics: Naoki Nishi / Composition / Arrangement: Yusuke Shirato
3. Living -acoustic color- Lyrics: Naoki Nishi / Composition: Tomoya Kawasaki / Arrangement: Masato Ishinari
4. Felicita -instrumental-
5.echoes -instrumental-

VTCL-35326 ¥1,400+tax The song is the same as <aria board>
3. Summer color fireworks -acoustic color- Lyrics and composition: Naoki Yanagisawa / Arrangement: Masato Ishinari

[-acoustic color- Performance members] Masato Ishinari (G), Keiji Matsumoto (P), Masao Fukunaga (Per), Ayano Kasahara (Vc)

☆ First-time inclusion privilege
1.Another jacket (2W separate design: Kiyono Yasuno's photo taken PHOTO)
2.2W purchase application lottery campaign
Apply by attaching the application ticket enclosed in to the application postcard enclosed in <ARIA board>.
The following prizes will be presented by lottery [Application deadline: Postmark valid on March 31, 2021 (Wed)]
Prize A: Analog record (17cm donut board) recorded in "Felicita/echoes" ... 200 people
Prize B: Sleeve case for storing 2 forms ... 300 people


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