Fan Club Exclusive ”Let's Celebrate Together ♪ Family head's Birthday Live Stream! ” Set to Take Place!
It has been decided that there will be a live stream on family head's birthday ♪

Surprisingly, this live stream is a YASUNO FAMILY. Fan Club exclusive ★

The YASUNO FAMILY. family members will be the only ones who can watch the live stream!

Since family head was born on July 9th at 7:51pm,
the stream is scheduled to take place between 7:40pm and 8:00pm (20 minutes).

There will also be a comment feature! Let's celebrate family head together!

"Let's Celebrate Together ♪ family head's Birthday Live Stream! "
Stream Date and Time: Thursday, July 9th from 7:40pm to 8:00pm (scheduled)

*We will archive the stream on the MOVIE page at a later date.

You can still move in (sign up) now in time for the stream.
▼Click here to join

*There is a chance that the membership number cannot be issued in time if you begin the process immediately before the stream.
We ask that you please begin the process with enough time to spare.

<How to watch live stream>

1. Around 7:30pm, the text "Watch" will appear toward the bottom of the page.(login is needed)
2. If you would like to post a comment, please enter a "Nickname" in the "Please enter your name" field and click the "Enter the room" button.

*Please enter a nickname instead of your real name in the nickname field.
*You can watch the live stream without participating in the chat.
Please enjoy the stream without pressing the "Enter the room" button.
*It may be muted.
  Please unmute by tapping the screen.
■About posting comments
・Please refrain from entering your real name or email address as your nickname.
・We ask for your understanding that not all of the posts will be displayed.
・Please refrain from using platform-dependent characters, emojis, special characters, and symbols, as they may not be displayed.
・Comments that are posted are limited to those entered by the posters themselves.
・If the poster is underage (under 20 years of age), please post with approval from a guardian.
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■Please refrain from comments containing the following.
・Posting comments containing falsehoods.
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■About personal information
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■About overseas viewership
・There is a possibility that comments in languages other than Japanese and with characters other than the alphabet may not be displayed properly. Thank you for your understanding.
・There is a possibility that you will not be able to watch depending on the country or region you are watching from. Thank you for your understanding.

We kindly ask for your cooperation in posting comments with good sense.
Let's have fun celebrating family head's birthday with everybody in the family ♪

*Member registration/login is required for viewing.