”Onnaji-Kimochi.” With original benefits limited to YASUNO FAMILY. SHOP will be on sale!

The 4th single "Onnaji-Kimochi." will be released on October 20th (Wed.).
Due to the great popularity last time, we have decided to sell products with original benefits limited to YASUNO FAMILY.
SHOP this time as well!!

You can move in (= enroll) from now on in time!
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* Even if the procedure is completed just before the end of reservation acceptance, the membership number may not be issued in time for the reservation. Please allow enough time for the procedure.

★ Benefits ★
[YASUNO FAMILY. SHOP Exclusive Original Bonus Items]
・ Postcard Booklet (1 booklet)

*The postcards can be detached from the booklet and used.

* A set of 5 pieces.
*"YASUNO FAMILY. SHOP".<<Two version set>>Onnaji-Kimochi.<First Press Limited Edition> <Normal Edition>This is the (SG) original bonus item.
[First-time limited inclusion privilege]
・ Campaign application ticket included

[Enclosed benefits]
・ Illustration another jacket drawn by "Restaurant to Another World 2"

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