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Introducing the so-called "ordinary letter"! We look forward to hearing from you about your impressions and recent developments.

What made you become a fan?
Please tell the fan's story, such as the story of your favorite work and character, the reason for moving into YASUNO FAMILY.♪

[FureFure-kai(Hurray Hurray Party) in Fuwa-talk♪]
We support all the YASUNO FAMILY.'s who do their best!
Please send us what you want YASUNO FAMILY. who are working hard every day, to support, encourage, and push your back!
Family head will send you an ale♪

[Family meeting with all YASUNO FAMILY.]
BEST3 decided by everyone!
We will aggregate the answers from everyone according to the theme and decide the BEST 3 with YASUNO FAMILY.!
The theme will be announced at any time within Fuwa-talk♪.

We look forward to your family message♪
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